LOUVERGANG Is A New Generation To Louver Enthusiasts. Recreating A Sleek Retro-Inspired Design That Will Instantly Give Your  Z   A Unique Profile And Aggressive Appearance That You've Always Desired. Constructed From Light Weight Aluminum, These Louvers Are Available In A Gloss Black Or Semi-Gloss Black Finish.

Louvers Are Now Available

350Z V1 Louvers $400 Painted | Shipping Not Included |   

350Z V2 Louvers $475 Painted (No Roof Spoiler Required)| Shipping Not Included

370Z Louvers $500 Painted | Shipping Not Included 

G35 Louvers $475 Painted | Shipping Not Included 

G37 Louvers $500 Painted | Shipping Not Included 

Genesis Coupe Louvers $475 Painted | Shipping Not Included 

To Get Your Louvers You MUST BE ON THE LOUVER PRE ORDER LIST! Once You Are Next On The List, We Will Contact You To Finalize And Get Your Louvers Started! Payment Will Not Be Made Until Your Louvers Are Ready To Ship Out. 
If You Want To Be On The Pre-Order List For 350Z | 370Z | G35 | G37 | Genesis Coupe LOUVERS Please Message Email Us At: ZAKUSTECH@GMAIL.COM


                If You Want To Be On The Pre-Order List For 350Z | 370Z LOUVERS Please Message Email ZAKUSTECH@GMAIL.COM

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350Z V1 Louvers Will Require A Roof Spoiler

350Z V2 Louvers Will NOT Require A Roof Spoiler

370Z Louvers Will NOT Require A Roof Spoiler


What You Will Need To Install The Louvers:

Double Sided Sticky 3M Tape / Loctite Clear Glue / Razor Blade

You Can Find All These Products At Home Depot Or Any Hardware Store. We Can Include These Products With Your Order For An Additional Cost.


You Will Need Someone To Help You Install The Louvers. First, Test Fit The Louvers On The Window ( Without 3M Tape), So You Can Get An Idea How They Fit And Where Exactly They Will Sit.

Place The Louvers On The Rear Window; Make Sure They Sit Right Under The Rear Window Visor / Roof Spoiler As Shown In The Picture Below. (The Window Visor Has A Glare In This Picure That Makes It Look Like There Is A Gap Between. Do Not Leave A Gap. The Louvers Need To Sit On The Actual Window Itself, Not On The Black Rubber. (3M Tape Will Not Stick / Hold To The Black Rubber And Will Fall Off! This Is The Same Idea With The Window Visor Fitment Mentioned On The First Page.)

You And Your Buddy Need To Push Down On The Louvers For A Little Bit So They Can Flex Over The Window And Get The Window Shape

Now That You Understand How It Fits, It Is Really Easy To Install.

Get The 3M Tape, Place It On The Back Side Of The Louvers As Shown In The Picture Below. You Will Need To Add An Additional Strip Next To It To Cover The Entire Side. Press Down On The Tape To Make Sure It Grabs Good. Do Not Peel The Tape Yet.

Use The Razor Blade To Cut Off The Excess 3M Tape

Lift The Back Side Of The Tape (Red Paper) From The Corners Using The Razor Blade; Do Not Peel Off Completely Until You Are Ready To Place The Louvers On The Window.

Once You Remove The Back (Red Paper) Be Careful When You Try To Line Up The Louvers And Stick Them On The Window. 3M Tape Is Really Sticky And Hard TO Lift If You Need To Move Them Slightly Over.

Line Up The Louvers Right Next To The Black Rubber And Right Below The Rear Visor

Do Not Stick Louvers On The Black Rubber, They Will Fall OFF!

It's Easier If You Line Up One Side First; Then When It's Lined Up Perfectly, Lay The Other Side Down.

Once The Louvers Are On, Press Down On Both Sides You Just Stuck On. Put As Much Pressure As You Both Can To Make Sure The 3M Tape Really Grab On. Make Sure You Press Down On The Corners As Well.

You Can Add Something On The Louvers Like Books, Or Something With A Little Bit Of Weight To Keep Adding Pressure On Them, And To Give Them The Shape / Bend Of The Window.

Put Loctite Glue On Top Of The Louver Where The Rear Window Visor Sits On Both Sides. Do NOT Let The Glue Touch The Black Rubber; However, If You Do, Clean It Off.

(There Isn't A Rear Window Visor In The Picture Above, But That Is Where You Need To Put The Glue.)

Then Add Glue On The Bottom Corners For Extra Support.

Leave The Books ( Or Whatever You Decide To Use) On For About An Hour And A Half. Then Remove The Books, To Get The Finished Look.

                                            Welcome To The LOUVERGANG!